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All our clients, who are moving in-state, will have complementary, professional movers as a big thank you for trusting Alisa with your real estate needs. Once we have ratified a property, professional movers will come assess the move for a quote -which will be sent directly to Alisa- so you can ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible.


  • You only have one chance to make a first impression. And in this age, that starts with the photos online. Buyers know within 10 seconds of looking at photos if they have any further interest in the home. Every detail matters, especially in a shifting market or a buyer’s market. This is where Alisa excels. Her strong background as a stager and home marketing guru has perfected her craft as a realtor. From personal experience, statistics and knowing the psychology of a buyer, she knows what to highlight in a home, what kind of work it will need to earn top dollar, and the type of marketing that it will require to showcase it in the best light possible. Everything from the smell to the traffic flow of the home is considered.

87% of homes will sell faster when staged | 95% of staged properties sell, on average, in under 11 days compared to 90 days when not staged **

**According to the Real Estate Staging Association, RESA | **A study conducted by International Association of Home Staging Professionals

Staging is a new art. It incorporates some tips and tricks of the interior design world and follows certain styles of the design world, but in resale- staging is quite opposite of interior design. Staging requires you to detach your emotions and personal character in the home, while interior design works with your lifestyle and preferences. Knowing the balance between the two and how much of the design process to incorporate, especially when you have different styles of architecture, is what many stagers and agents have a challenge with. Working on nearly 1,000 properties- of all sizes and architectures and styles- Alisa has learned what style of staging works for each unique home.

Every property is different, and they all require a different amount of staging. Some just require a consult, while others require a complete swap of furniture and projects to be completed by professional contractors. Whatever is required to make your home sell, Alisa works with your budget and timeline to align the best possible outcome.


  • Complementary staging consults, partial staging and/or full staging for clients
  • High-definition photography with window enhancements for a luxurious and crisp look
  • 4K videography and aerials to showcase the layout of the land and home
  • 2-D Floorplans (ideal and a must have for out of state buyers)
  • High-end full-Color brochures
  • Individual property websites you can share with friends and family
  • Effective social media campaigns & print marketing